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Beating Social Anxiety

Dear friends,

I feel like so many people suffer or have suffered from a form of social anxiety.
Me included, even though I did not even know what it was back then.


I've experienced a constant feeling of nervousness and unease around people.
There was so much noise going on in my head. My thoughts were running wild (they still do sometimes, to be honest).
And I did not know what to do, nor how to overcome it.

What helped me eventually, was to realize that all these feelings of anxiety did not actually come from all the other people, but were created inside of me, by me.
I have created all sorts of stories about 'how I can't speak in front of people' or 'how I think people judge me all the time' and held on to those stories for quite some time.

But then I knew, I'm the one who can let go of the stories and my fearful thoughts, without anything having to change on the outside. I'm the one who created it, so I'm also the one who can let go of it. And I did.

This insight was a game changer for me.

That truly was some new kind of freedom I experienced for myself.
Nowadays, I enjoy being around people, I have no problem to approach strangers, and there is a lot less noise in my head. It helps me so much in my personal and professional life.

But this is only my story. I'm sure there are many more stories out there.
Kai shares with us an inspiring story in the video below.
He speaks about his client from a sales coaching and how he overcame his social anxiety.

It's still astonishing for us to see what impact the Inside Out Understanding can have, and how it helped the person in his life.

Have a look.

Take care,


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