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Coming Back To Clarity

Dear Friends,

"It is infinitely more powerful to realize that you think than managing what you think."

Yesterday, a good friend of mine asked what I meant by my that.

This is what I said:
What I mostly did in the past was to try to figure out WHY I felt a certain way. I often felt anxious and uncomfortable.

So I looked outside of me for reasons: an upcoming presentation, too much work, not enough sports, unhealthy diet etc.
So I tried to change those things. Guess what, that did not work.
Those feelings would still come up.

After a while I figured it must have something to do with mindset.
So I tried thinking good thoughts and pushing bad thoughts away. And working on my though patterns and beliefs.
But also this used up a lot of energy and somehow felt wrong.

What I see now is that there is actually nothing to do with my low moods because what naturally seems to happen when I do not interfere with my mind, behind every low mood a good positive feeling is waiting for me.

It's like a self correcting system: Once you let go of trying to manage your thoughts and circumstances, you naturally come back to clarity.

To that feeling that feels like home.

Much love,

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