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My Worst Enemy: Perfectionism

Dear Friends,

everyone wants to be perfect. It’s true. I used to be a perfectionist myself.

I used to sit at my desk for hours trying to write a blog post, or a speech, or start planning my own project. Guess what happened: I started to work on it, but it was not easy at all.

So I stopped.

I was scared that it would not be good enough and that other people would not like what I did. Doubts kept running through my head. What will they think of me? What if I fail?

The fear of failure and the urge to always make a good impression left me stuck and exhausted. These fears prevented me from daring and learning something great.

Many times, when I tried to create something, it landed in a box – a box full of unfinished ideas, writings and projects.

In the end, nothing was created at all.

I’m sure many of you experienced something similar in your life. I’m sure we all have a box full of beautiful unfinished ideas.

And I was wondering: Why does everything need to be perfect all the time? Well, it does not.

Here are 4 lessons I learned:

#1 You are a human being. It’s human to be imperfect. It’s human to make mistakes.

#2 Embrace Imperfection. Let go of trying to always make a good impression. Expose your imperfection and show what is really going on. All the ideas come from within you. They are worthy and beautiful.

#3 Get started. Stop hesitating and get started now. Don’t let perfection stop you from beginning in the first place. Open up the box with your unfinished ideas and projects. Have the courage to be imperfect and start creating.

#4 Trust the process. You cannot plan everything beforehand. Unexpected things always happen. Do not worry about it too much. You will learn along the process and figure things out. Have trust in it. That’s when you are creating something great!

Don’t get me wrong. I will still strive to do well. Embracing imperfection does not cause me to give up my desire to do well. All I do is to release the compulsion to be perfect. I can let go of my fears and instead let myself be.

Take care,


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