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Why I stopped preparing for presentations

Dear Friends,

what was true for me in the past is that the better I prepared the content and structure of a presentation, the more I will feel confident in the moment. And the more I have all the information and know all the details, the more successful I will be in the event I'm preparing for.

What seems to be more true for me now is that the more present I am with the people in the room at that event, the higher the quality and output of that event will be.

So when I “prepare” for a presentation or a meeting, what I focus on now is just where my state of mind is. It is not even an active process but what naturally tends to happen is that I have less on my mind than before the presentation.

I seem to be more aware of when my mind goes off onto a train of thoughts that are not so useful such as “Oh what will I say when I'm up there on stage” or “I'm never going to make it” or “I'm super insecure right now”. All those thoughts still come up but from what I know now is that it's not useful to ride every train of thought until its last station. But I much rather get out a bit earlier and come back to the feeling of calmness that is always in me.
It just sometimes looks like it's not there.

This is what happened to me a week ago in front of a crowd of around 50 people.
It was probably the first time that I walked up and I did didn't know what I'm going to say.

And then I was in front of those people and it felt like something else took over.
It felt like I just knew what to say in that moment.
My mind was clear and I could just start speaking from my heart, without having in the way the schedule or the specific goals of the presentation.

And through that, I had a very very deep connection with the people there.
It was very energizing instead of draining which I felt like mostly in the past when I prepared everything in detail before.

I am grateful to have found this in myself and I am interested in hearing you sharing your experiences of where you found situations where wisdom in the moment just took over, rather than having the intellectual preparation mainly in your head.

Much love,

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